Starcuffedjeans bootleg

Starcuffedjeans bootleg

I get it and I watch them all the time. However there is a major problem happening on YouTube with bootlegs, and I feel like a lot of people do not know about it, and therefore it is not exactly your fault, but people need to know about this. I am talking about leaking.

When a master records a show, they list the video info on their trading website. This is to mainly avoid detection, as videos that are spread around early can be traced back to that person easier and get them in trouble. When one of these NFT videos gets leaked and posted on YouTube, not only is it incredibly disrespectful to the master, who risked getting kicked out of the theatre so we all could later enjoy the show for ourselves for free, but it runs the risk of getting them in trouble.

starcuffedjeans bootleg

When a bootleg is posted onto YouTube it is immediately shared with thousands, many download it and share it further, or repost it, so it will never be able to be contained. And it has happened where many masters stop recording shows because their videos keep getting leaked early. I understand the feeling of wanting to see a show so so badly, and I understand the frustration of not being able to see it live.

starcuffedjeans bootleg

But we have to be respectful or the one rule the master clearly listed, or we run the risk of causing them to stop recording future shows. I am writing this because I just now saw a video of a show I will not say, that I remember seeing on the masters website as being NFT until July Which made me very mad because while I agree it is very close to that date, it was still leaked. But they still clearly stress you are not allowed to share it to anybody!

So by leaking it you are essentially stealing from them. Many masters do not do this however and their videos still get leaked.

If you ever see a video of a show that was obviously taken very recently based on the show itself or the particular cast, it was likely leaked. So I am asking you to please please report these leaked videos, and never post them on YouTube or any other social media platform yourself. And also please share this so other people know. I know it makes so many people so so happy to be able to watch a show they love, but you need to follow the rules so we can have more videos in the future.

Thank you. If anyone has a bootleg of frozen on broadway - denver or the new cast - I would literally love you forever if you were willing to share!

Long shot I know! Feel free to Msg me!! I just reeeeeally wanna see it. I know many people who are looking for a bootleg of the final version of frozen that made it to broadway so pls dm me if you want to trade! I just really want to watch another performance of Caissie Levy as Elsa, she kills it in this role. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. I get it and I watch them all the time However there is a major problem happening on YouTube with bootlegs, and I feel like a lot of people do not know about it, and therefore it is not exactly your fault, but people need to know about this. Show more notes. Me settling down for a day of watching bootlegs:. Yes yes I did frozen on broadway monster. I have nothing to offer you, but I would be forever grateful for this.

Frozen musical Frozen broadway Frozen broadway bootleg. Anybody have a Frozen boot of Ciara and McKenzie?Last updated: 3 days ago List.

Apart from one head that pops up in the corner of some songs. Act 1 is a full video, act 2 is just highlights of two songs. Other than that a great video! For Private Gift Only.

A good video for seeing the set and choreography. Grace has really grown into the role since her debut! Major was feeling a little under the weather at this performance and sometimes struggled with some higher notes, but the entire cast still put on a wonderful show. Filmed around heads, this capture starts off pretty rough due to the offensive number of parents and children who kept coming in after each song, but it definitely improves as the night goes on. Act One is complete with some lengthy dropouts, and Act Two starts during the Entr'acte.

Overall a great capture with blackouts limited to the beginning of each Act only, little washout, and obstruction only on the far sides of the stage. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call. The first three minutes of act one are blacked out, and the last 30 minutes of act two are missing completely no audio or video.

Includes playbill scans. William F. Covers from opening song to final applause, great shot. Filmed from the left orchestra without obstructions with a mix of wides, mediums, and closeups. This is hands down the best video of the show to date.

Starts about 3 minutes into performance mid whole being dead thing. Filmed through the house stationary camera with no closeups. Very good sound, probably from the soundboard, but the video doesn't fare so well with generational loss. This was filmed with newer technology so it's higher quality and mostly smoother than my previous masters. The entire cast was just fantastic! There's just one fifteen second dropout during the Candy Man due to ushers.

Overall a perfect capture with only one blackout, no washout except for wideshots, and no obstruction. Includes a commercial, interviews, rehearsal footage, Brendon's pre-show speech, both Acts in full, and most of curtain call, which is missing the first half minute while I was changing my SD card.

Nice zooms in some scenes, however most of the action is shot between heads. Beautifully filmed with no issues.

starcuffedjeans bootleg

The only problem is there is a drop out at the end of Act 1, but does not last for more than about 40 seconds. A good capture overall, with a few minor issues. There is one blackout during the scene just before The Dinner Party that lasts about two and a half minutes, as well as a few other quick dropouts.

There is also some occasional washout, especially in wider shots. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. Act Two is audio only. Filmed blind with a phone without zooms from the rear mezzanine, so very little action can be seen—this is probably best enjoyed for the audio. The audio for Act Two isn't the best due to being slightly muffled, but it's listenable.

starcuffedjeans bootleg

Caissie options down during Monster and has a bit of a struggle with the last note. Filmed from the left orchestra with a mix of wides, mediums, and many closeups.If the master wants me to take it down, I will do it.

It sounds amazing! The community has begun to get more secluded and secretive in many ways, but there are still a lot of established traders who are willing to help people who are just starting in the community. I got lucky, as, early on I found someone on Tumblr who helped me quite a bit. If you email active traders, though, many will be willing to give you an item or two off of their list!

22 Musicals In 12 Minutes w/ Lin Manuel Miranda \u0026 Emily Blunt

Make a Weebly as soon as you can! Other sites also work, and I have seen very well-respected traders use Google Docs, but making a site makes people see you are serious about trading! Respect NFT! This is the most important thing in the community that should be paid attention more than ever. Do not try and get NFT before its date unless you are getting it from the master itself and never share it! Upload to Mega as soon as you can! Hello,I would really like to rebuild my massive Hamilton collection that over time I have lost many links for.

Thanks so so so much! I will give you some boots in return for your services! We rarely have time to react or discuss to each and every one of them but we still read them and I would appreciate it if submitters in particular learn to use tradingconfessions properly and morally?

Google it and maybe learn from not being a part of it? Best regards and wishes. If you see something that you would like you can either send me a private message on Tumblr natelikesbroadway or send an email to natelikesbroadway gmail. Keep reading. Hi, yes, they did but to be honest I cant find a proper copy anywhere.

Nycg8r bootleg

The music from Pippin is amazing, but I really want to watch it. I just updated my list with a lot of new videos, and my wants section is also updated with A LOT of new wants. So please come trade with me! If someone has it, please message me!

Log in Sign up. Moulin Rouge! Hello friends! Doubtfire Thanm you! Any tips or suggestions for someone new to the medium? Thanks for your time either way. Ask pheacas a question trading bootlegs trading bootlegs broadway bootlegs bootleg trading. Please help! NFT Dates. The Wicked Express Trading thewickedexpress. There may be a boot out there somewhere or maybe a cam shot?

Ask for-an-answer-to-appear a question broadway bootlegs bootleg trading trading bootlegs broadway trading. Hey there, my vacation just started which means that I will have a lot of time to trade!

Broadway Trading.District 7 IMC 10 In regard to the Anakie site outside of Geelong. Just today the ACC channel became active I will monitor the sites and let you know when they become active.

Geelong fire district and District 8, 13, and 14 are starting the move to the RMR dispatch channels. The Wedderburn Group also uses Fireground channel Just heard the Wedderburn Group radio checks on there aswell. Just heard the Terrick Group radio checks on I believe this is channel as I received a page this morning indicating that they were doing radio checks on District 22 will be using the following channels. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Channels IMC Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Eppalock Group.Waitress Broadway Matinee. Wow…just wow.

idk bootlegs

This is the Jenna that we all deserve. Did she make some mistakes? Of course she did. But she made up for them with how honestly and genuinely she approached every moment. NFT Message me here or on starcuffedjeans.

In this app you can manually change settings and the recording quality comes out way better than the default app. Once you push the record button under preset set the record quality to high and under advanced copy the settings in the pic below you can do this before you enter the theatre and it saves the settings.

Also you can trim the audios right in the app super easily. Heres a tutorial on how to track an audio. Their voices are so incredible together. Full audio up for trade at idkbootlegs. How she can sing so beautifully through a legit waterfall of tears and snot is beyond me.

So many emotions. I have full audio of her final performance for trade or gift. New Hello Dolly master up for trade at idkbootlegs. Bette has a few really great ad-libs. Posts Ask me anything Archive. NFT Message me here or on starcuffedjeans.

Or point me to a good one? Youll have my gratitude forever. Download the voice recorder by Green Apple Studio. I like to recommend this one because it works on pretty much every Android device, is easily recognizable, and saves automatically as MP3. Turn your media volume upbut make sure your notifications and everything else is off. To be extra safe, turn on airplane mode!

It would be embarrassing if your phone went off in the theater while you were trying to record audio. This is something to double and triple check. I like to put my phone on my lap facing down. Some people put their playbill over it for the ultimate disguise!

The less things in the way, the clearer the sound. Try not to move during the show! Edit them on Audacity! The first thing you should do when you open your audio is to crop out what happened before and after the show, and the intermission as well. Clean up and track the audio if you want to.Show off fashionable pocket detailing in our Grace in LA fashion jeans!

This fashion jean comes in a light wash with baby boot leg opening. Details include elevated fabric and White cuffed skinny features flap pockets, contrast stitching, crystal rivets, and silver logo hardware. Dark wash skinny leg jean features a gold diamond cross embroidery design with crystals on back button flap pockets.

Details include ivory and gold pick stitch trim, crystal rivets, and Boot Cut Jean with hand-sanding, whiskering, grindings and contrast trim throughout. Back flap pockets feature an embroidered reverse Fleur de Lis. Medium washboot cut jean with contrast stitching, embroidered fleur de lis, and hardware.

Back flap pockets in contrast stitching fleur de lis and embroidery applied for detail. Inseam Approx: 34" White straight pant with contrast stitching with leather and hardware. Back flap pockets in tonal stitching fleur de lis and leather applied for detail. Medium wash straight cut jean with contrast stitching throughout, fading and, hand-sanding. Back flap pockets are detailed with embroidered Fleur de Lis and logo hardware.

Boot cut jean in a dark wash with hand-sanding and whiskering. Back flap pockets are detailed with white outlined reverse Fleur de Lis with contrast stitching. Boot Cut Inseam Straight cut jean with contrast stitching, fading, whiskering, and logo hardware throughout.

Back flap pockets are detailed with contrast stitched fleur de Lis. Dark Wash Straight Jeanwith handsanding, whiskering, and fading throughout. Leather detail applid on Fleu De Lis on coin pocket and back pockets. White straight jean with contrast stitching with leather and hardware. Skinny cut jean with hand-sanding, whiskering, and contrast stitching.

Sequins reversed Fleur de Lis detail to back flap pockets with decorative stitching on side seam and back flap pockets. Boot cut jean with heavy hand-sanding and whiskering. Front and back flap pockets are detailed with sequins trimming on reversed Fleur de Lis. Boot Cut Inseam: 34".No trading required. Beetlejuice Bootleg. Lizzie's debut as Demeter. Videos Overall a great capture of the Australian production filmed from a great angle, this video is probably my best filmed bootleg.

Desi does a wonderful job as Jenna, who has since left the Tour. Posted: 5 days ago Broadway Bootleg List! Most are on youtube but unlisted I did not film any of these These all belong to their rightful owners Come from away NFT until July 15th Charlie Blindshot from a camcorder so it's all full-stage shots.

The show is still new. It's not even NFT, because the bootleg itself was never meant to go out into the hands of the public. Pour des conseils surBootleg or bootlegging most often refers to: Bootleg recording, an audio or video recording released unofficially.

Alice totaly screwed up Memory, it's hilarious The boot is HD with full original WE cast, very little washout, great quality, and no bar obstructing it. I know I've posted this once before but I thought I'd try again. NFT except through master means that the person who took the video did not agree to let the video go on youtube and is very unhappy about it.

A, full show, bootleg, Vic's master. Master JuanluX Anthrax You can then list the resulting chain nft add rule ip filter output ip daddr 1. If you have any unreleased footageListen to Lefthand Bootlegs SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the Stream Tracks and Playlists from Lefthand Bootlegs on your desktop or mobile device.

I will not be reuploading. First he asked for proof that the bootleg was actually NFT. We don't sell our bootlegs. If you're the one contacting us, you send first. I am very busy and could not possibly keep track of that. As the username and title suggest, Trading Confessions is a blog meant to allow people to voice their opinions on trading, gifting, mastering, and basically everything else involved with the trading world. BeauregardeJackie Hoffman Mrs. There is a lot of spotlight washout, however there are no head obstructions.

Whiz bootleg Trading. This is so they can sell it and get the funds back it would have cost to see the show, travel expenses, accommodation, and equipment expenses.

Ambersmusical' master 5. Do not initiate a trade in which I send you the video or audio later when it is off the NFT date. Video starts at It Roars.

When you email us, be sure to include a list of your bootlegs. Created with GoAnimate. If something is NFT, just do the right thing and fucking wait! Over live shows available for trade. Blur Hoodie. I'm not always checking my email so don't panic if I don't respond right away or if I take a few days, it happens. Broadway Bootlegs.

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