Best scottish songs

Best scottish songs

Gentles: To all here who also pursue Scottish Traditional Music, could I ask of you - If you were to name the dozen absolute basic gotta-know-em Scottish fiddle tunes reels, strathspeys, jigs, dances tunes for any Scottish fiddler wannabee, what would they be? Rook, like the Irish top 50 or so you may only hear 3 or 4 of the most popular at any given sessions. The Ho-Ro Gheallaidh books give a very good indication what might be played though. Especially the 3rd one where more contemporary tunes are played.

Most Scottish sessioners will also know a surprising amount of Irish tunes too. For example, is Money musk an expensive perfume? The W ross Manuscript and others.

Arab Strap

Fiddler are you? Well go on then. It it a fair list? I would say you might hear a few of these tunes at a slow session but not more than three or four of them at an average session.

Depends entirely on the session. Tunes like Willafjord, Spootoskerry and the High Road to Linton get trotted out as a set often enough in some sessions. The Flowers of Edinburgh and The jig of Slurs gets trotted out too. Haste to the Wedding is a great tune. Ooooh - probably not many no. Shetland has so many fiddlers the emphasis is really not on the pipes.

I am sure there must be Shetland pipers though and, over time some of them must have written some tunes. I would have thought there were one or more pipe bands on Shetland, now and in its modern musical history. I would have thought that their introduction and continuing existence there would pre-date Tom Anderson and the fiddle revival, for that matter.

I might just check this out on the Net…. Lerwick Royal British Legion Pipe Band - still extant, or re-founded - was founded under that name inprior to which informal groups of pipers had played at events on Shetland; one such event - an Armistice march with pipers present - was photographed in Nicholas - Not only is there Lerwick but there is also Kirkwall City as you will see in my post just above yours.

The Best Scottish Album in the World...Ever!

There is a brand of fiddle-playing on the up in the Northern UK, mainly among the young and eager, which I think of as "Scottish-ish". Or maybe, "New-thumbrian". It is bright in tone, very fast and all over the place. It cheers one up in a crowded street on a frosty morning. It sounds like very large kittens having a fight. They may fit into your description of "a brand of fiddle-playing on the up in the Northern UK, mainly among the young and eager, which I think of as "Scottish-ish".

Think of The Stool Of Repentance………………" except "all over the place" ……. I think are great. No, this is really a lazy, hazy impression I get from living in the town Durham where Folkworks happens. There may have been more of the tunes than this but I am only the guitarist.

best scottish songs

What would I know? Thank you all again. At your service. Always best to start with the core tunes, and the tunes that people learn as children, and work your way up from there. There tunes are popular dance tunes but tend not to get played at sessions nowadays, certainly here on the west side of Scotland.The latest hero to come out of Scotland is Glaswegian singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon, who has been gathering more and more fans in his home country.

Following a sold-out Scottish tour at the start of and an amazing set at TRNSMT festival, he started to gain followers further afield. They released two unremarkable albums of traditional garage rock, but it wasn't until producer Andrew Weatherall remixed their song I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have to produce Loaded that the world started to take notice. This graceful tune is one of the best from their second album Every Open Eye. Jon, Barry and Mince Fratelli no relation, honest formed in and hit the big time with this, their second single.

A tribute to Jon's wife Heather and her burlesque alter ego, Chelsea, it appeared on their debut album Costello Music. After a brief hiatus, the band returned in with their third album, We Need Medicine. Taking their name from an obscure French TV show for children, Stuart Murdoch and his gentle indie pop collective forged an acclaimed career starting with 's Tigermilk.

The winsome image belied some suggestive and frank lyrics, never more so on this song about a sex aid, which wound up being used as the theme tune to the TV series Teachers. Edinburgh's Idlewild kicked off a distinguished career with the rowdy Captain mini-album in and went on to release six full-length LPs.

Their third, The Invisible Band, followed in and the opener Sing is one of their most delicate moments. One of the high points of the self-titled debut album by the art-rockers from Edinburgh. Their third album, Marble Skies, was released in January Originally revelling in controversial noise-rock with original drummer Bobby Gillespie on their debut Psychocandy, the group then ventured into more accessible areas, having a hit with their album, Darklands. They soon signed to the uber-cool Scottish label Chemikal Underground, before ending up on Wiiija.

best scottish songs

They split inhad a brief reunion in and came back in earnest with new material in The finest song to come from the pen of singer Kyle Falconer, this is one of the Dundee band's most appealing hits, taken from their debut album, 's Hats Off To The Buskers.

Glasgow's foremost exponents of post-rock, Mogwai have become world famous across the past two decades. Their dark, dense, mainly instrumental sound has seen them venture into the world of soundtracks, most recently on the film Kin. After Orange Juice split insinger Collins went solo and had his biggest hit with this jazzy single. This is one of their most heartbreaking and bleak anthems. This classic track, however, was issued on the short-lived Paperhouse label in The Rollers made the song their own, however, by increasing its pace and adding a guitar solo for impetus.

Easton was reportedly told by the late Marion Massey - who discovered Lulu - that she was unlikely to make the big time. The Bellshill-born singer promptly proved her wrong by signing a deal with EMI and scoring an American No 1 with 9 to 5 - although it was renamed Morning Train in the States to avoid confusion with the Dolly Parton song of the same name. Her last album, Fabulouswas released in After being persuaded to give it a go by their management, the Glaswegian group reportedly spent just three hours in a London studio in which time they rehearsed, arranged and recorded the song.

The end result was used in the opening and closing credits of the John Hughes film The Breakfast Cluband promptly occupied the No 1 slot in the American singles chart for three weeks.

Although it climbed no higher than seven on the UK chart, it would spend more than two years in the top It sat at No 1 for an incredible 15 weeks in before the band voluntarily withdrew it from sale.

The band in which he made his name as a master pop writer, Orange Juice, had split in and his solo career had failed to take off in the same way. But the global success of his single A Girl Like You would propel him back into the musical mainstream.

Harris had long completed his transformation from shy bedroom producer to international pop superstar by the time this single was released in March It has sold more than one million copies in the US alone. Music streaming service Spotify revealed it was played more than million times by September Not everyone was a fan, however, with Time magazine branding it one of the worst songs of the year.

Arts and Culture Six of the most successful Scottish pop songs THEY may not always be critically acclaimed, but each of these Scottish pop smashes has sold by the thousands. Calvin Harris has enjoyed global chart success as a solo performer and collaborator.

best scottish songs

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Top 20 Scottish songs 26 items ranked. Rated 12 points - posted 10 years ago by kris in category Music. Add item. Added 5 years ago by guest, 0 points. Not Robert Burns!

Added 6 years ago by guest, 4 points. Added 7 years ago by guest, -1 points. Scotland The Brave. Added 3 years ago by guest, 0 points. Auld Lang Syne. Inner Meet me. Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen. The Dark Island. Skye Boat Song. Scots Wha Hae. Three Craws. Loch Lomond. Amazing Grace. Annie Laurie. Westering Home. Charlie Is My Darling. Eriskay Love Lilt. I Love A Lassie.

Scottish Soldier. A mans a man.

The Best Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music

ShareRanks is about ranking things that are top, most, greatest, or even worst in all categories. Use arrows to rank one item in versus another. Add your own top list of things.The Transatlantic label was one of the primary outlets for British folk during the '50s, '60s, and '70s, and these reinvestigations neatly summarize what they had to offer. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date September 3, Genre Folk International.

Track Listing - Disc 1. The Gaudie. Hamish Imlach. Highland Widow's Lament. Ian Campbell Folk Group. Tramps and Hawkers. Luke Kelly. Isla Cameron.Love them or loathe them, here are fifteen tunes which us Scots just cannae get out of our heads. Flower of Scotland. The song which every passionate Scot will know. Scottish rugby winger is credited with popularising the song for use at sporting events when he encouraged his teammates to sing it during a victorious Lions tour of South Africa in A spirited rendition was sung by players and fans alike as Scotland went on to win to win the Grand Slam.

Most people in Scotland will be able to recite at least two verses of Flower of Scotland without hesitation. I Love A Lassie. Worth a mention is the corrupted version of this tune, commonly sung by fans of Partick Thisle FC - although the jury is out on whether or not Sir Harry would have approved Auld Lang Syne. Probably the most famous Scottish song ever, due to it being sung traditionally at New Year around the globe. The performance was broadcast live over the radio that night to millions of homes, resulting in a tradition which has stood the test of time.

A party tune to end all parties. One theory, however, suggests that the song is sung from the perspective of a woman whose Jacobite lover has been captured and is facing execution in London. Loch Lomond is traditionally played as the last song of the night at Scottish parties. The best-known version of the song is by the Celtic rock group Runrig, who have recorded it several times.

As Scottish as Irn Bru and deep fried pizzas. The song has appeared in countless movies and TV shows since it was written and has even been parodied by Family Guy and The Simpsons. Oh, how the tables have turned Written and recorded by Glasgow band Deacon Blue, the song has been released as a single three times.

It has managed to achieve legendary status in Scotland despite having never charted higher than No. Deacon Blue performed Dignity live at the closing ceremony for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. Unleashed in by comic performer Andy Stewart, the song speaks of a kilt-wearing man from Skye who ventures down south and is hassled relentlessly for his lack of trousers.

Scotland the Brave. The tune is recognised the world over.


The Jeely Piece Song. A real classic little tune. The most famous version of the song was recorded by songwriter and poet, Matt McGinn. The chorus goes as follows:. The song was a massive hit, reaching No. Wild Mountain Thyme. The chorus is enough to make you hairs stand on end A song to be proud of.

Considered one of the most beautiful and heart rending Scottish ballads ever recorded, Caledonia was penned by Scottish singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean in The song proved so popular that Miller re-recorded it and released it as a single later that year, with the song reaching No. MacLean claims that it took him no longer than 10 minutes to write. In a Big Country.

best scottish songs

The song was released at a time when Scotland was beginning to rediscover itself as a music-producing nation, with acts such as Annie Lennox, Altered Images, Simple Minds and Midge Ure filling the charts. Ally Bally Bee. What's On Arts and Entertainment 15 famous songs every Scot will know FOR the typical Scot, there are some songs which don't even require an introduction.This is not rollicking, traditional Scottish folk music, rather it's the kind of rural, commercial pop music that's more befitting of the easy listening tag.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date August 8, Genre International Vocal. Homecoming Rainy Day Reflection Reunion. Track Listing. Donald Where's Your Trousers.

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